Talks & Interviews

James T. Neubacher Award Ceremony Lecture

In 2018, I was honored with the James T. Neubacher Award. This video includes that talk I gave at the awards ceremony.

Bob and Betty Beyster Building Stewardship Video

This 2018 video highlights the Bob and Betty Beyster Building as an enabling space for the work we do. There is a segment on the work my class has done in creating assistive technologies.

Lessons from the Incredibles

This is my talk on assistive technology from the Interaction Design Association in 2018.

TEDxUofM – Untapped Resonance

This is the talk that I gave at U-M’s TED event in April 2013.

Michigan Radio, U-M Public Radio Stateside Interview, April 2013

These Aren’t Your Normal Video Games: This article and audio file highlight my efforts in Gaming for the Greater Good.